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Warm Greetings!

I am the proud President & Commissioner of the Governors Cup, I have been bestowed with this honour since the beginning of time.

The Governors Cup, affectionally known amongst its members as “Tour” is an event much renowned for its rich history, traditions and passionate demonstrations of man-love as it is for its high quality golf, cutthroat competition and unsurpassable rivalries.

The Governors Cup concept was originally first hatched in the infamous Blue Lotus Opium Den formally located on Foo Chow Road in Shanghai’s entertainment district. It was in this establishment’s famous opium habitués, baths, massage parlour/ brothel that my visions were first realized. The concept of the Governors Cup which is a multi-format team Matchplay event was created in somewhat vague circumstances. Although heavily criticized by golf scholars the world over, the concept was initially “borrowed” by Samuel Ryder and then copied across many other tournaments around the world none of which have been able to capture the true essence of our vision.

Initially developed in part to give the regular golfer and the everyday hack the opportunity to compete in a fierce dog-eat-dog team Matchplay event, “Tour” eventually morphed into a magical place that presents the everyday stallion and out-and-out rooster the prospect of living (granted only for a few fleeting days) like a sovereign master once again. 

In the decades that followed we finally found the right mix of men who were brave enough to stand tall and pick up what we were putting down and as such golf in its purest form was born and so began the greatest amateur golf tour on the planet – The Governors Cup.

As the President, I have always prophetically stated that life does not get any better than when on “Tour”. Spending ones days on the sun-filled fairways in the company of noble and formidably handsome men, while spending ones nights inhaling every inch of the surrounding good times – Welcome to “Tour Lyfe”.

My long-time associate and dear friend the Hon. Johnathan Hopetoun, a revered ladies-man, all-round fun-boy and scratch golfer has been forever immortalize by honouring the “MVP Players Player Award”- The Hopetoun Medal

In closing I say, expect the days to be hot, the competition to be fierce, the nights to be immense, the man love to be omnipresent and overpowering. “Tour” is not a place one comes to find themselves, but rather a place one comes to create themselves, so you had better know your speech because this is not just any ordinary golf tour, this is the Governors Cup! 

With, Love honour Pride & Spirit 

Sir Terry C. Peterson
President & Commissioner of the Governors Cup